Nuclear Energy

We specialize in laser development, for nuclear energy.

Working towards more efficient and less hazardous front and back end nuclear energy processes.

There will be breakthroughs in many industries once laser driven particle accelerators become practically and commercially viable. Deep interest in this field is indicated by institutions dedicating large resources to its development. Among these are, the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, with its laser acceleration projects (SCAPA, ALPHA-X), John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science at the University of Oxford (Lasers for Accelerators L4A) , and the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of High Energy Physics (Accelerator R&D Stewardship).
A near term goal, once this becomes available, is the transmutation of nuclear waste, with two benefits, reduction of half-lives of the hazardous material to reduce the extremely long storage duration that is currently necessary, and benefaction, production of end products that will be useful for other applications. Our laser will play a key roll in advancing this technology.

We specialize in laser development, for nuclear energy.

Technology innovation for an abundant, affordable nuclear energy future.

The definitive dream of nuclear power generation is abundant, cheap, reliable base load energy, generated by reactors with low carbon footprint and hazard output, reduced risk of proliferation, and no risk of meltdown Рan Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactor (ADSR).

Laser acceleration enabled by our laser technology will be the foundation leading, at first, to such reactors using and simultaneously reducing the hazard of previous nuclear waste build-up.  Subsequently, when the nuclear waste is depleted, using abundant Thorium.

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