Our long-term vision is bold, and expands the applications of our innovative laser technology to serve as the core driver for numerous healthcare applications.

We will specialize in laser development, for healthcare.

We will offer the healthy-tissue saving benefits of proton therapy at a cost that bypasses the constraints preventing its wide adoption, while simultaneously offering a cheaper solution to the current drivers for standard X-ray radiotherapy.

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Our laser will drive an X-ray source for phase-contrast imaging for improved margin discrimination to provide precise volume and superior depth for tumors, which are difficult to ascertain due to their low contrast characteristics.

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Radioisotopes, used for both nuclear imaging and therapy, that are produced using cyclotrons and nuclear reactors, are constrained by the high cost of those facilities – it is not feasible to localise production, even on a large metropolitan scale.

Bypassing the current difficulties, commercially viable production of radioisotopes at a regional level will be made possible by our laser technology.

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Macromolecular drugs hold great promise as novel therapeutics of several major disorders, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Ultra-sensitive analysis is needed during drug development.

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