EUV Lithography

The long, tortuous path to EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography is at last moving close to practical application at 250W EUV@IF. But, this first step meets just the bare minimum for commercial viability. For long term sustainability, this power needs to firstly be doubled, and then redoubled.

We specialize in laser development, for EUV Lithography.

Working towards driving scalability to 500W EUV@IF and above.

The current leading generation of CO2 lasers are a clear barrier to EUV power increases. Our laser technology overcomes the multitude of factors that prevent further scalability. It will offer more than 50% reduction in footprint, thus alleviating sub-fab floor space concerns, in a low maintenance form with essentially unlimited dynamic and shelf lifetimes, and high wall-plug efficiency.  The laser is viably and practically scalable to powers far higher than that needed for EUV lithography.

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