There is a cancer therapy efficacy gap between widely available X-ray radiotherapy, with its collateral healthy/normal tissue damage side effects, and the tumor matching and more healthy-tissue sparing, proton therapy, the high costs of which currently prevent wide adoption. Our solution is a breakthrough laser driven particle accelerator for Very High Energy Electron Therapy (VHEET), a modality with similar healthy tissue sparing capability to proton therapy, and in fact, possibly with a higher tumor/normal dose ratio, but at a much lower cost that makes it competitive, even with the current standard, X-ray therapy.

We will specialize in laser development, for radiotherapy. #VHEET4Life

Offering the healthy tissue sparing benefits of proton therapy, affordably and widely accessible.

Our technology will also generate lower energy electron beams, like medical linear accelerators (linacs),  which drive approximately 90% of all radiotherapy. Not only does our technology offer this in a cheaper, lower maintenance unit, but the ability for one laser source to feed multiple treatment rooms offers further savings.

Our technology can also be used as a multi-purpose tool for combining radiotherapy with an imaging modality.

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