Macromolecular Drugs

Macromolecular drugs are very promising as improved therapeutics for numerous serious disorders such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. A full understanding of the 3-D structure and possibly the function of a macromolecule is needed to develop efficient, safe and specific delivery mechanisms. 3-D holographic imaging is the key to this.

We specialize in laser development, for macromolecular drug development.

There are only four facilities worldwide, operational or being built at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, that provide a step towards this capability.

Our laser offers advances in the area of X-ray holography for the time resolved capability of measuring the 3-D change of a molecule subject to some sort of stimulus – i.e. laser output. At a cost in the millions of dollars, a two orders of magnitude reduction on current technology, macromolecular research and development will be affordable to research organizations, universities, and across the BioPharma and pharmaceutical industries.

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